July 2021 Newsletter

We hope everyone is staying safe and well! Please let us know if we can help in any way!

June 2021

Thank you to everyone for being so understanding of our Covid-19 guidelines and regulations.

This month we looked at different transport, superheroes, how to keep safe and what to do in an emergency!

We continued our recycling project and looked at how we can reuse plastic bottles by creating instruments and sensory bottles!

We also learnt how to use tools safely and used real hammers, saws and nails!

If you would like to share what you have been doing at home, please fill out the attached “moments from home forms”

July 2021

Monthly Themes- Disney/science week/at the beach!

Week 1 – Disney-The children have been speaking a lot lately about superheroes and Disney characters and dressing up using our role play materials.

We will be exploring our senses making minion playdough, Frozen Ice castles and an olaf sensory tray.

We will explore music and sound, dancing and singing using classic Disney songs and exploring how the music makes us feel.

We will use Disney characters to create our own stories and role plays.

Week2 – Science Week- We are little scientists! Following the success of our previous science weeks we will be doing another one as requested by the children. We will make gloopy slime, elephant toothpaste, mixing soap and pepper and creating lava lamp sensory bottles. Einstein’s in the making!

Week 3- At the beach!/Graduation/Eid- To celebrate going on our summer holidays we will be creating a beach role play with sand and water, setting up an ice cream stall, learning how to stay safe in the sun, looking at the creatures under the sea and learning “slip, slap, slop”.

We will also be preparing for our graduation , making graduation hats and practicing singing our graduation song!  

Week 4 – Holiday Club

Our Trip around the world

The nursery will be exploring different countries and cultures. We will do this by following the Gingerbread man on a trip around the world!

Please can we ask that if you have relatives or friends in different countries, please can they send us a postcard addressed to the nursery at:

Sticky Faces Day Nursery

Mission Hall

Mission Square


TW8 0SD 

This will help us to explore more parts of the world and different cultures!

Maths and Literacy – This month we will be exploring the Gingerbread man story, looking at the repeated words and phrases and exploring the rhythm in the story.

Reminders Please make sure your child leaves all of their toys at home. This avoids toys getting lost or broken. Now the weather is getting warmer, please ensure you are dressing your child accordingly.    


Moving forward , all children’s temperatures will be taken every day before they enter nursery by a member of our staff.

If your child has a temperature which is 38c or more your child will not be allowed to enter the nursery and you must monitor the temperature at home. If the temperature does not go down within 24 hours the nursery must be contacted and the child must Isolate.

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