Child Care

Our nursery is committed to providing the best emotional and intellectual development tools for your children.

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Healthy Meals

Our menu reflects a diversity of cultures, giving our children a taste of the wider world.

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Our Curriculum

Young children learn best when they have scope for active involvement in a wide range of learning experiences.

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Welcome to Sticky Faces Nursery

We want to give your child the very best start in life. It is why we work in partnership with you to ensure your child enjoys every benefit from their time at nursery. We promote children’s independent learning, providing activities and play opportunities that help them to learn at their own pace. All in a warm, comfortable and stimulating environment, where your child will develop as a person with a positive image of themselves and others. At Sticky faces, we are committed to nurturing every child’s imagination and creativity, building their confidence through praise and caring. We guide their social skills by encouraging sharing, respect and trust. Of course we encourage their natural love of learning too.



Sticky Faces are accepting a limited amount of funded space please contact us for more information

Early Years Entitlement

If you’re interested in having a look at our nursery to see our facilities and meet the team, please get in touch to book a tour.

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our nursery environment is designed to maximise every child's potential and ensure they meet all elements of the evolving Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. Our facilities are structured around the following age groups:


We encourage toddlers to continue learning about themselves, their environment and the world we live in by providing a full range of resources to support our monthly themes and activities.


We use fun equipment and toys designed to stimulate and support the Seven Key Areas of Learning of the EYFS. Children roll their sleeves up in the Wet and Messy area and spend time reading, writing, drawing and using the IT area.

Specialist support for children aged 0-5 years who have a special educational need or disability

Our passionate staff are trained in a wide range of techniques to support children with additional needs. Our Specialist SENCO’s have over 15 years combined experience of working with children who have a special educational need or disability.

We tailor each families experience based on each child’s individual requirements and development. We ensure that we create solid lines of communication with external professionals and each family to ensure that each child is given the best start to their educational journey.

Our dedicated sensory room provides a space for our children to learn and grow in a calm and safe space. Our sensory room provides physical and mental stimulus for children with physical disabilities, developmental delays and sensory impairments. For children with physical disabilities, interaction with sensory stimuli can help them to develop their sight, sound, touch and hearing, as well as encouraging independence.


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